marți, 8 aprilie 2014

—(•·÷[ Yes M'am!! ]÷·•)—

Outfit: !Soul - Buttons Dress +Lolas / Lush / Shoe / Hat- Army NEW!!!
Shape: !Soul Rose- Shape
Skin: al vulo- Celestial*  china red  brown brow cleavage fairy
Hair: [e] Thrive - Brown
Bracelets: *[MANDALA] TAKARA

marți, 11 martie 2014

!Soul Discount Outfit!

Outfit: !Soul - Mesh Mini Retro Dress + LolasTg + Luhs Pink
Shape+ skin: !Soul - Rose - Skin - Kiss
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Mimi" 
Nails : Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long Nails v1.1

marți, 18 februarie 2014

(`'·.¸New Skin from Soul! ¸.·'´)

Skin: !Soul - Rose - Skin - Kiss
Shape: !Soul - Rose - Skin - Kiss
Eyes:!Soul - Rose - Skin - Kiss
Hair: Magika - Capture
Shoes: N-core EMPORIUM "Pure Black" BOXED

NEW!! Skin Tones from Soul! 
Folder contain also : 6 tones+ 6 tones with cleavage,eyes,shape,huds for tangos 

duminică, 26 ianuarie 2014

- - --^[ Fallow me ]^-- - -

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Erika/Night
Shape: [Hush] - June - Shape
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::League of Christmas:::*TanSkin
Eyes: *JeSyLiLO*:::KatyEyes:::*AutumanYellow
Make-up: - DAMNED - CatEyes MakeUp
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long v1.1
Collar: [R3] - Kali Collar Pitted Black [V3]
Necklace:  [MANDALA]KARMA Necklace/Justice BLACK
Tattoo: .Identity.  - Rich Girl
Dress: *League* Organic Silk Dress & Top -Black
Shoes: HOC Industries - Thigh Boots
Sock: *League* Side-Gartered Stockings -DragonTattoo 

duminică, 5 ianuarie 2014

♕Queen of the party ♕

Hair: [e] Abbey - Black 04
Shape: [Hush] - Summer - Shape
Skin: al vulo- Aisha* Lil blonde brow olive
Eyes make-up: Son!a Fairy face Tattoo silver
Dress+ Shoes: baii maii 033 satindress/bow/boots/mesh 3 styles
Crown: -LaViere- Fake Plastic Crown
Tattoo: .Identity.  - Rich Girl 
Bracelets.:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelet  NOSTALGIA
Gloves: Cheerno.POKER Gloves [Silver]
Necklace: (NS) Rock'n'Rolla Chain
Collar: [R3] - Kali Collar Pitted Black [V3] 

joi, 2 ianuarie 2014

•·.·´¯`·.·• The sky is the limit •·.·´¯`·.·•

Outfit: !Soul Mesh Gown- Mini- Gloves- Bolero- Lush- LolaTg- Royal Blue ( NEW)
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Manon"
Skin: Al Vulo- Aisha* Lil dark brow olive
Eyes: *Birth* Presence Eyes - Blue Burst (Larger)
Shape: [Hush] - Summer - Shape
Collar: Son!a Tala Necklace silver Cyan
Shoes: N-core ILLUSION XtremeHeel "Pearl"